Welcome to Physics & Music

PHYS C21 / L&S 70W Spring 2012

Welcome to Physics and Music 2012!

5/7: See you all tomorrow for the final in 155 Dwinelle at 8:00 AM. Good luck on all your finals this week!

5/4: Want one more chance to go over sample problems or other questions? Alli is holding extra office hours on Monday from 2:00-4:00 PM in the PM office: 63 LeConte.

5/3: Thank you to all who came to the review session yesterday! Here are the Final Review Slides that we presented.

5/2: Interested in the "Big Idea" course? Check out this document describing what it is about and who they are looking for!

Prof. Perlmutter will be available to answer questions and discuss course suggestions on Friday, May 4, at 12pm noon in 1 LeConte!

4/28: The Final Exam Sample Problems are finally here! Don't forget to study your readings, homework, quiz sample problems and quizzes. The Final will be in a similar format to the sample problems, and at least one of them is guaranteed to be on the Final!

* Late Homework and Course Contribution submissions will be accepted up until Friday, May 4, for half credit.

4/27: Great job everyone on Quiz 3! Here is the Quiz 3 Key. Since they weren't presented in section, the class statistics are: average: 8.1, mean: 8.5 and the standard deviation: 1.7.

4/25: Click here to see the office hour/review session schedule during Reading week. We will be posting sample problems for the final on Friday, and one of the problems will be guarateed to be on the final! So please be sure to utilize the office hours so you understand every problem.

4/24: Starting to review for the final? Here are the Course Overview Slides that Prof. Perlmutter presented on Monday! (Concepts from the entire class in 12 minutes. That has to be a record!)

Week 14 Seating Chart is here!

4/20: Course Contribution #2 is due next Friday before class at 1:10PM by either electronic or hard copy submission! You may write about any topic covered over the entire course, and you may use any of the five types. Please label which type (example: "Concept Scenario" or "Research Project") at the top of your paper. Lastly, cite your sources! Research papers require 2 sources, and if you are doing a Reading Review, you must cite the material you are reviewing.

4/19: Don't miss the Chancellor interviewing Prof. Perlmutter at Cal Day at 11:00-11:45 AM in 1 Pimentel! Check here for details.

4/17: Remember, the material for Quiz 3 covers weeks 8 through 12. In addition to the sample problems posted below, check out the review slides that were presented at the end of each of those weeks.

Folowing up from Terry's email, please bring back your Course Contribution #1 papers this week! We appologize for the inconvenience.

Week 13 Seating Chart is here!

4/13: In addition to the other concerts mentioned below, the UC Berkeley Chamber Orchestra will be performing on Saturday at 12:00 PM in Hertz Hall, and admission is free! Check out the details here.

4/11: Reminder: Quiz 3 is a week from Friday. Here are some sample problems!

4/9: The University Chamber Chorus is performing this Friday at 8:00 PM in Hertz Hall, and the University Gospel Choir is performing on Saturday at the same time and place. UCB students tickets only $5! Check out more information at http://music.berkeley.edu/.

Week 12 Seating Chart is here!

4/7: Great trip everone! For those of you who went to the Exploratorium, thank you for making it a success, and don't forget that your second course contribution project is in a few weeks. Perhaps some of the exhbits you saw would make great demos/activities?

4/3: The Exploratorium trip is this Saturday, April 7th! We will be meeting in the Hearst Mining Circle at 8:45AM and returning before 3:00PM. We will be taking a charter bus, but you are free to drive yourself and meet us there. Please check the sign-up sheet to see if you are on the list. Please contact Alli if your name is missing or if you are listed as "Not Sure" and now know if you are going or not. If you plan to attend, whether you are taking the bus or driving yourself, you will need to complete and turn in the trip waiver.

Week 11 Seating Chart is here!

3/23: Course Contributions will be graded and returned on Monday after Spring Break. If you would like to briefly present your contribution to the class for extra credit, contact Alli. Have a wonderful Spring Break!

3/19: Here are the tritone illusion survey results. See if the relative pitches correlate with where you spent the first 5 years of your life!

Week 10 Seating Chart is here!

3/15: Click here to submit your course contributions electronically (this link is also listed on the Grading Rubric).

3/14: Just for clarification on your course contributions, you only need a minimum of 2 sources (not including the reader) for the research project. if you are doing the reading review you only need to cite the material you are reviewing unless you also refer to other sources. The concept scenario, class demonstration and class activity projects don't have a minimum source requirement.

(Happy pi day everyone!) Here is the Quiz 2 Key. Please, remember to fill-out the Mid-Semester Survey (linked below).

3/12: Please, check out the extra reading material about the gamelan that has been added to the end of the 9-1 reading.

Week 9 Seating Chart is here!

3/9: *** Now that we are past the half-way point in the semester, we would like to know how things are going! Please, complete the Mid-Semester Survey. Your feedback will be totally anonymous!

Thank you everyone for completing Quiz 2! We will be handing back your tests and going over the solutions at the next discussion.

Week 8 Seating Chart is here!

3/3: Been curious about any music played in class thus far? Find the class music list under John's name in the contacts bar!

3/2: It's quiz time again! Here is the Review presentation that Clare gave you today along with th clicker questions (with explanations!) Also, check out these Sample Problems; see us in office hours if you want to go over the solutions.

2/29: Check out the newly added anharmonic applets. They were used in today's lecture.

Week 7 Seating Chart is here!

2/23: Check out AudioXplorer on the programs page. It is a free download for Mac that will plot the waveform, spectrum and spectrogram of a given sound!

Week 6 Seating Chart is here!

2/17: As promised, here is the Key for Quiz 1!

2/15: For those of you interested in the program mentioned in class by a student, check out this link for Praat.

The reading/homework (RH) is slightly out-of-order with the lectures (L). RH 5-1 corresponds with L 5-2, RH 5-2 corresponds with L 6-2 and RH 6-2 corresponds with L 5-1. Sorry for the mix-up!

2/14: Today's office hours have been rescheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday from 3-4pm in 63 LeConte.

2/13: Fourier synthesis confusing? Check out the applets!

If you are interested in your homework grades, feel free to email the GSI's.

Week 5 Seating Chart is here!

2/10: Good job to all who took the first quiz today. We will be passing it back and going over the results next Friday at the end of discussion.

2/8: If he hasn't emailed you already, contact John to setup a performance during the ten minutes before class. You will get extra class participation points!

2/7: In addition to the Sample Problems below, check out this Review Outline for Quiz 1. Familiarize yourself with all the listed concepts before Friday!

2/6: John's office hours have moved to 2:30-3:30 pm on Mondays in 63 LeConte.

Week 4 Seating Chart is here!

2/3: Reminder: Quiz 1 is next Friday! The lectures, reading and homework material are all fair game! For extra practice, check out these Sample Problems.

2/2: Interested in knowing about your fellow classmates? Check out their interests outside of class!

2/1: Check out the images page throughout the semester to see photos of you all in action!

Want another applet to play with? Check out Wave on a String.

1/30: The homework and course contribution grading rubrics have been added to the info page under their sections.

Week 3 Seating Chart is here! Remember, 1 LeConte on Monday!

1/26: The class is moving! Starting Monday, Jan. 30, the class is moving to 1 LeConte!

Do you have more questions that you would like physics and music to answer over the course of the semester? Click here to view the collected questions so far, and contact us if you have more!

Homework update: There was an inconsistency in the info page and homework regarding the deadline for homework submissions. The correct deadline is 12:00 PM on the date of the lecture. Due to the confusion, all assignments will be considered on-time this week only.

1/25: The sign-in sheet will be unavailable starting next Monday (1/30/12). Attendance will be based solely on your clickers! Also, for those being added to the course, the "add" list is still being processed.

1/23: Don't forget to plan for the Exploratorium trip on April 7th. Extra credit will be given for class participation!

Week 2 Seating Chart is here! :)

1/22: A fellow student has found a very interesting video describing a musical composition created by assigning each planet (and Pluto) a repeating note. I would suggest taking a look now and midsemester to see how many concepts you have learned!

Our class uses the i>clicker technology. You will be responsible for bringing your clicker in every day to class. Clickers may be purchased from the bookstore. If another class requires an i>clicker, you may use the same device for both classes. To register your clicker please go to i>clicker's registration website. The form will request your name, student ID (use your 8-digit ID on the front of your Cal ID card) and your remote ID (this is located on the back of your i>clicker below the barcode). Once submited you will be registered with i>clicker, but you won't be in our system until you use your clicker in class.

All incoming students must complete a survey. Please fill it out even if you are on the waitlist.